• Order as few as one frame!
  • Digitally printed in full color
  • Full bleed included at no additional cost!
  • 5 Versions
    • Small 32" x 16" - Fits up to two people in frame.
    • Medium 24" x 32" - Fits up to two people in frame.
    • Large 24" x 36" - Fits up to three people in frame.
    • XL 46" x 32" - Fits four or more people in frame.
    • XL HD 46" x 32" - Fits four or more people in frame.

Eye-catching, fun, and perfect for your next fundraiser or event! Submit your own print-ready design using our downloadable templates below. We've got four ready-to-print designs available for you to use (Birthday, InstaFrame, Real Estate, and Wedding Party). Simply download a template below and follow the instructions. We also offer our Default Template so you can design your own.

Want PartyPacks with that? Get them here!

Our Small, Medium, Large, and XL Selfie Frames are made from durable, economical 4mm corrugated plastic. We also offer the XL HD frame, made from heavy duty, 10mm currugated plastic. Both materials will stand up to being handled.

For custom size options, check out our 4mm corrugated plastic product page and 10mm currugated product page for the HD option!

FireSprint Item#


Please note exact repeats and repeated brand colors.

FireSprint Branded Video:


Unbranded CustomerSafe Video:  https://youtu.be/N6_cYMJ9uR0


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