ASI/Sage style letter code calculator

Use the letter code calculator to calculate your margin or the wholesale pricing based on the ASI price code letters.

Sheet Yield Calculator

Use the Sheet Yield Calculator to determine how many rectangles fit within a larger rectangle. Sometimes called Nesting, Layout, or Imposition. Sign shops and printers can use this calculator to estimate material costs on a job.

Color Conversion Tool

This free tool will allow you to convert any Pantone Color (Solid Coated) to the approximate CMYK, RBG and HEX Color. Click here if you are looking for our standard screen print color chart.

Roll Length Calculators

Here are several ways to calculate the amount of material or vinyl left on a roll. Use a digital caliper when making your measurements for the most accurate length.

Radius Finder Tool

This polycarbonate tool is easy to use when trying to match the radius of a sign or design. Only $1 with FREE shipping!

Shop Hourly Rate Calculator

Use this calculator to find the hourly rate you should be billing, on average, for work performed in your shop or onsite.

Free Printer Test File

Free printer test file to use when testing equipment! 

Square Foot Calculator

Use this calculator to figure out how many square feet a sign, or quanity of signs are.

Banner Grommet Placement Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the distance between grommets when spaced evenly along the edge of a banner.