Clear Stickers
  Two Digital Full Color CMYK with White Underlayment Options
  Die Cut into 1 simple shape
  Cut to any size
  3 Year Outdoor Durability

This product will have a 1/16” clear border which will make it an 1/8” larger in height and width.


Clear Stickers Color Options
Option 1: CMYK with White Underlayment
White ink will be printed under all colored pixels

Option 2: CMYK with White Underlayment + Spot White
White ink will be printed under all colored pixels and where specified in the spot white layer

Clear Stickers File Setup
Before Uploading Review Our Clear Artwork Guide
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Artwork Requirements
• PDF format at actual size
• Bleed will be auto-generated, do not include it in the file
• Maximum file size: 150MB
• All fonts converted to outlines
• All images embedded 
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Free Clear Sticker Design Templates
This Explore 20 design templates for Clear Stickers, free to use!
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Intermediate Clear Vinyl

Minimum Size: 1x1 inches
Maximum Size: 18x12 inches
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Blind Shipping
We utilize blind shipping on all orders. There will be no mention of FireSprint or pricing anywhere.

Parcel Shipping
For most small to medium-sized orders, we will neatly pack your products in sturdy envelopes or cartons and ship them using the most efficient service. Transit time is typically 1-4 business days unless a faster shipping method is selected.

Palletized Shipping
For large quantities or oversized signs, we may ship your order flat on pallets via freight truck line. The pallet will be at least the size of your largest sign and could be up to 50x100 inches on the floor and up to 7 feet tall. A commercial address is required, and a way to unload the pallet will be needed. Liftgate requests, residential addresses, schools, and farms may have additional charges after placing your order. 

Material Weight
0.0144 lbs per sq ft

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Max number of designs per order: 50
CMYK with White Underlayment + Spot White
CMYK with White Underlayment
CMYK with White Underlayment + Spot White
Die Cut Into 1 Simple Shape
RectangleRounded CornersCircleOvalCustom
Rounded Corners
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