• Contour cutting to your provided shape! Simply provide a vector cutpath in your file. - What is Contour Cutting?
  • Pricing is based on size. If you draw an imaginary rectangle around your shape, that would be the length & height of your sticker. The entire sticker must fit within this rectangle. Click the ? next to Size for a visual explanation!

Peel-and-stick FireCling calendars can be custom cut to nearly any size or shape! Company branded, seasonally decorated, custom designed for a special event - so many possibilities! Our digitally printed Wall Calendars are white with a smooth matte finish and printed in full color. FireCling is easy to apply, reposition, and remove from most smooth surfaces. Will even work on vehicles for short term applications.

Please keep in mind that our FireCling is NOT reverse printed. When attached to glass, it will be viewable only from the side you apply it to.

Please note exact repeats and repeated brand colors.

Sell Sheets & Templates


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Our digital inks are fairly glossy. Choosing a matte finish with a high-coverage print, may be glossier than expected.

Matte stickers can be written on with standard ink pens and permanent markers easily (e.g., Bic Pens or Sharpie Markers; Gel pens and other slow drying inks may smear).

UV Coating is a clear liquid cured to the surface of the printed materials. It is less expensive than a film overlaminate. UV Coatings will help prevent fading and extend the life of your products! 

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