• Reflective white background. Light colors, like yellow, will also be slightly reflective. Darker colors will block out the reflectivity when printed.
  • Free contour cutting to your provided shape! Simply provide a vector cutpath in your file. - What is Contour Cutting?
  • Pricing is based on size. If you draw an imaginary rectangle around your shape, that would be the length & height of your decal. The entire decal must fit within this rectangle. Click the ? next to Size for a visual explanation!

Our reflective vinyl decals are printed in vibrant, digital, full color. Reflective vinyl provides a stunning, noticable element to your design that can't be missed! It's hard to ignore our reflective vinyl decals. When you want that added visibility, this product is definitely the one for you!

If you need individually cut decals of this material, please see this product.

FireSprint Item#

Please note exact repeats and repeated brand colors.

FireSprint Video: Vinyl Decals

FireSprint Branded Video: Installing Decals**

Unbranded CustomerSafe Video: Installing Decals  https://youtu.be/alR6TFoLR-4

**FireSprint.com does not offer weeding, masking, or application services. This video is for instructional purposes only, and is not meant to represent services we provide to our customers. Vinyl Decal application is the sole responsibility of the end-user of the product.**


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